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Author Topic: Solid red light after changing battery  (Read 2722 times)


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Solid red light after changing battery
« on: October 17, 2013, 03:22:11 AM »
Hi everyone,
a friend of mine's Nexus 4 has this strange behavior.
It went into water for about 1 second: unfortunately, she was working far from home and needed to keep the phone on for working reasons, I know and told her that the best would have been to switch it off and put in a bag of rice.
In any case, after few minutes where she was not able to listen to the people speaking, and the same on the other side (she was not listened), she kept the phone in a pocket and under the sun, and suddenly everything went fine: probably some water in the audio jack made the phone think the earplugs were plugged, and then this was fixed.
In the rest of the day everything was working, and we thought that, thanks to the hot day and the phone under the sun, the humidity has dried up.
At night when she came back home, she switched the phone off and put in the rice for the night.
The day after, she tried to switch the phone on, and nothing happend.
Screen black, no signals.

After reading something on the internet, she plugged the charger, and kept power+volume down buttons pushed: after some time, the red light appears, just one fast blink and then dark again.

So, we ordered a replacement battery (I have already substituted a Nexus 4 battery of another friend of mine), which arrived yesterday. I proceeded with the substitution, everything went fine (and I noticed that the internal water detectors are still perfect white, only the one in the sim tray is pink), but when I plugged the usb charger, again nothing happened. This time, holding power+volume down made the red light appear and stay solid, no blinking, no disappearing, until I unplug the phone, at that moment it disappears.
I let her charge the phone for the whole night, but still the same issue this morning.

What can the problem be?
It sounds strange to me that at first the phone worked and then it stopped at the first switch off (and I think that she powered off and on the phone right after the incident, and was still working)  :-\
And I'm not able to understand the red light behavior...can someone help please?
Many many thanks  :( :-[


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