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Author Topic: Best Buy Offering Up To $264 In Trade-In Value For Your Used Nexus 4  (Read 3351 times)


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So you're waiting with baited breath for the next Nexus phone to be announced and you're wondering what to do with your current Nexus 4?  Well BestBuy is offering what seems like quite the deal by offering up to $264 in Trade-In value for your used Nexus 4...regardless of if it's the 8GB or 16GB model.  Now just how much you get does depend on the conditions of your device.  For the full $264...your phone should be in perfect condition.  If it's just in 'good' condition, which means perhaps a few light scratches on the case, but not the glass...and everything working perfectly...you'll still get $250.00.   If however your phone is in poor condition...such as heavier scratching and scuffing, but still fully operational, you can get $112.50...which is still pretty good if you think about it.  Of course if your phone isn't working at all or is has some major defect like a completely cracked screen...you're out of luck.  But still...this is a pretty great opportunity if you've been thinking of upgrading to a new phone and didn't know what to do with your Nexus 4.  Not that there's anything wrong with the N4...it's still a terrific device.  But we know some of you like to have the 'latest and greatest'.  Jump on this offer soon either in store or at the link below if interested as it's likely not to last very long!

BestBuy Trade-In Site

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Re: Best Buy Offering Up To $264 In Trade-In Value For Your Used Nexus 4
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2013, 09:31:32 PM »
Hmmm, I see now, at least online, it's jumped down to:

Perfect $94.50 Good $90.00 Poor $40.50 Broken $0.00

Maybe that's just on-line prices??



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