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Author Topic: Android 4.3 Coming Next Week / ROM Leaks From Google Employee's Nexus 4  (Read 3947 times)


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We've all been patiently awaiting for the next version of Android to be issued for a while now.  Well it looks like our wait is almost over as Google has issued an invite for a special event next week to be held with Android and Chrome head Sundar Pichai.  Now at this event we're expecting the official debut of not only Android 4.3 but also the new version of the Nexus 4's big brother, the Nexus 7

Now interestingly, if you're really impatient it seems you might be able to get your hands on Android 4.3 even earlier.   Over at the XDA Developers Forum an Android 4.3 ROM has been made available that apparently was gotten after a Google Employee accidentally sold his Nexus 4 and left an early version of the 4.3 ROM still on his device.  Now apparently once the ROM is installed you don't see that much visual change on your handset...most of the changes are behind the scenes.  Still, the XDA crew is apparently working on making an easily flashable version for the masses soon.  Since the Google event is less than a week away and we expect the official version of Android 4.3 to start rolling out shortly after, we're inclined to just wait it out.  Still, it's nice to have the option.  Are you looking forward to Android 4.3?  We'll have all the details of course discussing the new features as soon as it starts rolling out.

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This all started on a Google+ post! The source posted a screenshot of the About phone screen asking if 4.3 had dropped. Initially people were sceptical that it was a build.prop edit and the guy was trolling but it soon became obvious this was not the case.
The biggest problem was that they couldn't get his MAC to run ADB or fastboot commands. Not sure because for some reason I haven't been getting update notifications of the G+ post?
Anyway if anybody wants to check the original G+ post, here's the link.


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Re: Android 4.3 Coming Next Week / ROM Leaks From Google Employee's Nexus 4
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I saw with you, I just thought of that knowledge was very good.


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